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F**k each other, not the planet.

The condom industry has been dirty for a while and is due for a clean up. Get Down is committed to constantly strive for better, and demand a sustainable, cruelty free supply chain. Like any first date, we are by no means perfect - but we want to challenge the sexual health industry, reduce our global impact, and make the after mess, less messy….


Cruelty Free

No animal testing.

The only animal here is you.


100% natural, vegan friendly.

FSC Certified Packaging

Over 85% of our product packaging is made with FSC certified cardboard.

Compostable Mailers

Discreet, spying Nonna-proof delivery.

We’re all about the birds and the bees      We’re all about the birds and the bees      We’re all about the birds and the bees      We’re all about the birds and the bees      We’re all about the birds and the bees      We’re all about the birds and the bees

Fair rubber, fair world.

As they say on the bachelor, we are here for the right reasons. We want to make sex better for everyone, everywhere - without f*cking the planet. One way we do this is by using Fair Rubber, which means - we pay an ethical price for ethically sourced rubber.

Low global market prices for rubber result in very poor pay for the farmers who actually tap the rubber trees and produce the rubber. In many unethical rubber plantations, work often goes hand in hand with inadequate safety standards, inappropriate use of toxic chemicals, excessive working hours, and child labour.
Companies who purchase products made from natural rubber can choose to buy through the Fair Rubber association, at a premium. We work with the Fair Rubber association to ensure our plantation workers are paid a fair living wage, there are only adults on the job, and there are support funds for the wider community.
Our Rubber Plantation
The New Ambadi Plantation in South India is small, but special. It produces high quality liquid latex and is a pioneer partner in being Fair Trade. The free plantation hospital caters for all surrounding villagers, and New Ambadi was the first in the world to implement a supplementary pension fund for all rubber workers.
our fair rubber farmers
Meet Lalita
This is Lalita, who works in a rubber factory. When her water tank collapsed, the community Fair Rubber funds were used to restore the water pipes in her house, so she didn’t have to walk a kilometre away to fetch water. What are Lalita’s hopes for the future? Now that the water is running again she is content - she just wants her children to do well and settle down somewhere nearby.
Meet Vasanta
Most tappers have a bike or a motorbike to transport their harvest around the plantation. Vasanta has to carry her buckets on shoulder pole: 45 kg of liquid, with 18 kg of rubber. Her husband died 17 years ago, making her the sole provider for her family. Thanks to Fair Rubber funds, she now holds two pension certificates which will provide some extra income when she retires.
Meet Kanagaratnam
He’s a worker in a tree nursery, just like his father and grandfather, and in his spare time he runs marathons. The Fair Trade Rubber funds provide him with lightweight running shoes and the opportunity to compete nationally.


We want you to Get Down better

Like a first tinder date, nothing is ever perfect and we are working towards the most environmental solution. With TGA regulating that packages are wrapped in tamper proof evidence (plastic and foil) we are committed to making sure everything else is sustainable as possible. While we grow we are working with suppliers to find more sustainable and ethical solutions to constantly evolve. For now, we are proud to be starting with the below:

Recyclable shipping box
Compostable Mailers
FSC certified (over 85%)
Soy Based inks
Acid free paper
Fair Rubber