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We started Get Down to make sure women & girls globally didn’t feel awkward, embarrassed or confused about having safe sex.
We hate awkward supermarket runs, clunky condom boxes with male torsos and weird glow in the dark, cocktail flavoured condoms. We are the women led alternative in the sexual health man-scape, creating products that don’t fuck the planet, and enable women to have better safe sex.

We’re Kat & Nicola, best friends and co-founders of Get Down. Our journey began on a road trip, with us complaining about the taboo around women's sexual health and carrying their own condoms.

After years of hormonal side effects, Kat was at her wits end with the Pill being the new normal for contraception. Battling with endometriosis for years, she was desperately seeking some kind of community to talk about all things down there.

Why does buying condoms have to be so embarrassing?Nicola was frustrated that condoms are designed with only men in mind. Not only did they exclude women from the picture, they were an environmental nightmare.

We want to start the conversation, that it’s not just pregnancy you may need to watch for, we need to protect ourselves from the sea of STIs out there.

After having two baby girls, our passion for women's rights and women's health became fierce. We wanted to do our part to make sure our sisters, daughters and friends felt empowered to break down that barrier. This brand is our love letter to young women and girls everywhere.

Kat & Nicola,
Get Down Co-Founders

Our mission is to educate and empower our coven of sisters around the world in all things sexual health. When you choose to get down, you know you can trust yourself. So, put the control back in your hands, before you encourage him to take off your pants. Power to you!