Look, we know some of us (not mentioning any names) just rewatch episode six of Bridgerton over and over. Yeah, THAT episode. Sex in the rain, sex in the field, sex in the bed, sex sex sex. But ladies, there’s lots more out there.

Before we get into the list, we're just going to flag that these sex scenes are NOTHING like real life. They seem to last for about 30 seconds total (not ideal), on many an uncomfortable surface, and no protection is used. Bad form in general. But then, that’s not what we watch them for. We might be there for the soft-core porn because it turns us on, gets us in the mood, or we just like the magical romance of it all.

Whatever the reason, here’s some top sex scenes for you to tune into.



Where do we start? The seuxal tension between the main female character, Ms Daphne Bridgerton, and the bad boy Duke, played by Regé-Jean Page, feels real - they worked hard on their sexual chemistry before filming, and it shows. Really, it doesn’t matter which episode you pick, but you’ll get more bang for your buck with episode 6, or for some light masturbation try out episode 3.


Normal People

Sweet, realistic, and overflowing with chemistry. This is a coming of age story for two school kids where the sexual tension is thicker than the Irish accents. And with the delicate issue of verbal consent addressed as well, the whole thing reads like a ‘How to lose your virginity’ guide book. Sigh. Try out episode 5 where there’s a sex scene post shower.




Yes, God, Yes

This coming of age movie is all about a girl discovering her own sexuality...whilst at Jesus camp. Doesn't stop her learning about her body and what gets her off, whether that's using her hands, phone, or body massager. Cue her sexual awakening with a dark and handsome stranger, and masturbating with a mop stick whist watching two others hook up. 



Below her mouth

Literally, the whole movie. Centred around an affair between two women, it gets hot and heavy pretty quickly. If anyone needs any masturbating tips, watch this through a few times.





Scottish accent? Check? Dramatic scenery and storylines? Check. Lots of chemistry, nudity and prolonged sex scenes? Check check check. Highly recommend, and not just for the slow build and big release of sexual tension for the two main characters. The plot twists keep you paying attention until the next view of Jamie Fraser’s (played by Sam Heughan) bum.