What is audio erotica?

Audio erotica is on the rise as the next popular means to look after your sexual wellbeing. Audio erotica refers to adult (sexually explicit) content that you can listen to. This can range from sexy storytelling, podcasts, erotic tales, guided masturbation sessions, fantasy play, sound libraries, and sounds of people having passionate sex.

Audio erotica spans different genres, from soft-core fantasy stories to hardcore bondage audio. From sexy (non-cringe) moans, to sultry stories about strapping gentlemen and strong women, there’s just about everything.

Audio erotica can be used by just about anyone. If you’re going solo, audio erotica can help you get in the mood, and can feel a little less sleazy than watching porn. Explore new fantasies and let your imagination fly with these guided sessions.

If you’re looking to discover something new with your partner, audio erotica can be a great way to get you started and both turned on



Is it just being horny for podcasts?

Well, yes, and no!

Podcasts have fast caught on as a great form of entertainment, and we’re not complaining. Why not add some spice to the mix? Audio erotica combines the best of both worlds!

Audio erotica is decidedly more inclusive and women-friendly. It is all-encompassing, mindful, and keeps women-centric ideas at the helm. Since the creators are from diverse backgrounds, you’re certain to find something for all orientations, kinks, and backgrounds. These are waaay more accessible than mainstream porn that is largely seen to treat women in an objectifying and potentially degrading manner. Ain’t nobody got time for that anymore!


Vitamin YOU

Audio erotica gives you a comfy, safe space to experiment with something new. There’s something deeply personal and passionate about a sexy voice in your ears. With your eyes closed, the experience will feel even more intimate and it allows your creative side to get involved. And with your eyes closed, the experience and orgasm can feel closer to a fantasy, rather than steeped in reality. 

What we love the most is the versatility up for grabs here. Since it's all words and no visuals, your mind will paint the pictures for you. You can let your imagination go as wild as you want and fill in the blanks.

If you’re a fan of audiobooks and podcasts, you might like audio erotica too. And for those that like to experiment or get involved, once you find out what appeals to you, how about you make some of your own? 

Just close your eyes, let the voice guide you, and let your hands do the talking...





7 Places to Get Down to Audio Erotica!

  • Quinn:  Quinn Is an erotica site for women, by women. This site features a huge repertoire of short erotica audio – it’s like the YouTube of audio porn. With categories like BDSM, Romance, Guided Masturbation, LDRs, and even Accents (ooh la la!), you'll be spoilt for choice. Created by the same family that made Snapchat, you’re sure to love the user uploads here! 
  • Dipsea:  Dipsea is known as the Headspace of Erotica. Your feed will not only include erotic voice notes, but also self-care tips. From erotic exercises like edging and mindful breathing to guided partner sessions, there's a lot to choose from. We LOVE Dipsea because of how inclusive it is. It's got queer stories with cis, non-binary, and trans submissions too!
  • Audiodesires:  Audiodesires is a place where you’ll find new erotic stories added every week. These stories are perfect for women that enjoy a dash of fantasy. Since these tales are self-insert stories, you’ll be able to listen to a narration of your own fantasies. You can pick either a British or an American accent. We love the sexual ASMR section too – brain tingles aplenty! Categories include escorts, professors, affairs, and other forbidden romance!
  • Aural Honey:  When the name’s this sweet, it’s bound to be nice! Aural Honey should be your go-to for every kink in the book. With only voices by women, this site focuses on BDSM, role-play, and other dirty talk. If you’re a witchy girl into some magic and supernatural play, this is right up your alley!
  • Emjoy:  Emjoy is more than your average erotica channel. Here, you'll be able to find an audio guide for holistic sexual well-being. Each wellness pack will have a few sessions each, with methods to exploring self-pleasure, discovering what you like, and loving yourself. Also, there are passionate stories about pleasure, threesomes, morning-after sex, and many more.
  • Ferly:  Ferly believes in customizing your feed to find exactlywhat you like. Before you open the app, you'll fill out a short questionnaire on your sexuality and what you like. Then, you'll be presented with erotic podcasts and self-love practices. Be it getting over a breakup, discovering a new kink, or having some fun with some wine, you'll find something to tune into here!
  • r/GoneWildAudio:  If you’d rather do the curating yourself, head right over to Reddit’s r/GoneWIldAudio, where users upload new content every day. Since this platform is free, you'll be able to access thousands of posts and follow your favorite creators too. Here's the best part – you can post your requests for other creators to fulfill!




The bottom line

Audio erotica is a great way to enhance your time in bed. Exploring something new will empower you to take ownership of your pleasure. We’re all about getting every sense involved. Don’t worry about the timing – you don’t have to rush into anything. Discover your body at your own pace and get down!

P.S. If you’ve got more audio erotica reccos, drop us a DM @get_down__ and let us know!