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For many of us new beginnings are promised this April! As Spring officially approaches, it’s providing many of us with warmer weather influencing a more feisty, risky and excited kind of energy. The guys will be out showing off their biceps and the ladies displaying their assets getting the ball rolling toward a more lighter, brighter feeling where we can revel in the simplicity of life under the burning Sun.

Aries is the energy of the self, identity, self love, passion and courage. So a new love for sculpting the body and challenging yourself may come to the forefront. The beautification and loving energy of Venus being in Aries most of the month invites us to collectively build more self love for ourselves. Bodybuilding, sports and having tunnel vision to apply yourself towards whatever you're passionate about can give a greater sense of self value and make others find you more physically or sexually attractive!
April 2021
Sex Horoscopes For All Zodiac Signs

Aries: Shining Star Illuminating The Way

The New Year really begins during your season Aries (well according to many parts of the world) Flowers begin to bloom and new life forms are now seen and experienced. The warm weather lovers come out to play and you’ll be in high demand to show off your game. With Venus in your sign it can make you even more attractive to others. Get that new tattoo or a sick piece of jewelry to compliment your attractiveness. Your leadership skills, charm and originality will really take you to the next level this month!

Taurus: No Strings Attached

A love affair might distract you from your goals this month. Your ruling planet Venus will be in Aries and sliding in your sign toward the end of the month. Your sex drive might take the wheel and lead you into a old ex or new lovers bedroom. Even though getting off is likely the main goal you’ll desire a connection that’s deeper and more sensual towards the end of the month. If you desire more comfort and success you’ll have to focus your energies more on yourself and your goals.

Gemini: Mind Over Matter

Your ruling planet Mercury will be in Aries and Mars (The planet that rules Aries) will be in your sign this month Gemini. Try to avoid debates or quarrels this month, especially with friends and coworkers. If you have any anger or fear that surfaces, try to face it head on. Channel any negative emotions into something productive. You’ll find peace in knowing you have done something well for yourself.

Cancer: Keeping Squares Out Your Circle

You have the power to manifest a more harmonious environment around you this month. Detaching from rocky connections and relationships that no longer serve you may be apart of a higher plan. Taking more risk trying new things that you might not have wanted to risk before will bring you luck during Aries season. Especially when Aries ruling planet, Mars; will be in your sign at the end of the month. It’s time to be courageous and make decisions to connect to a more productive version of yourself.

Leo: It’s GO time!

The first half of the month Venus will be in your sibling fire sign Aries making a harmonious trine with your sign. This energy will ramp up your passion for life, sex drive and income! It’s the perfect time to take calculated risks and get some work done that requires a lot of energy. So if you’ve ever had plans to climb Mount Everest or start a Youtube channel, this will be the perfect time!

Virgo: Enjoy Your Fruits

This month could get a bit demanding for you in either your work life or everyday routine. Give yourself some (me time) to contemplate your next move and make things easier on yourself. Your duties and obligations will be at the forefront but don’t let it get you down. It’s a good time to get a massage and ground yourself. Enjoy the fruits of your labor this month.

Libra: Keeping Life Beautiful

Many planets will be opposing your sign and will be in your opposite sign this month. Things may not go as particularly planned or there’s likely to be a dispute with someone. Take time to let go of any frustrations that you may encounter this month and set your sights higher. If you need to forgive yourself or someone else in order to move forward, the sooner you do that the more energy you can put into yourself or those who support you. Look forward to new exciting relationships (personal and business) that are likely to form this month.

Scorpio: No Time For B.S.

This month you may expose someone that you are fed up with. Intense energies and emotions may brew a concoction more potent than your Scorpion stinger. If you don’t find an outlet to release these thoughts and emotions you’ll probably find yourself feeling lethargic. There will be a Full Moon in your sign during the last week of April inviting you to let some pent up emotions go or indicating the ending of an undesirable cycle. This will in turn give you a fresh start and the regeneration you need to move further at a faster rate.
Engaging in sex this month could give you a boost towards your goals and have long lasting effects!

Sagittarius: Another Day Another Dollar

The Sun, Venus and Mercury will be in a harmonious trine to your sign in the first half of April giving you ideas to make you more income, build your resources or allies. Just be sure to do thorough research before diving into anything new or risky. Making decisions for yourself this month may become complex but it will be a good time to do what’s best for you. Traveling may also be on your list of things to do and if you do travel you may find a good friend or lover on your journey!

Capricorn: Living Through Your Senses

If you’ve been working really hard this year it’s a good time to relax. Toward the end of this month multiple planets will be in Taurus making a harmonious trine to your sign giving you a chance to get in touch with yourself. Go out, enjoy some good food, wine or stay in with your lover. The bedroom is where you can ground yourself and also let go. After you regenerate your soul and body, you can get back to your goals when Taurus season is over.

Aquarius: May The Force Be With You

With Mars in Gemini trine your sign, you may have been indecisive about a potential partner or opportunity. You can find your decision and directional path by going within or talking to a good friend. Meditation, or a road trip will greatly benefit you this month. Your intuition is heightened at this time with Jupiter, the planet of wisdom and luck is still in your sign and will be all year. You have the Midas touch when getting what you want. Let the universe express itself through you Aquarius! 

Pisces: Taking Action

The spiritual aspects of you will become stronger this month. A deeper sense of appreciation, gratitude and compassion has the potential to open you up to live your life more fully. Getting out of your comfort zone and taking risk will be of importance as we step deeper into Aries season. Towards mid month onward you have a high potential to manifest or attract a bomb ass lover or a work opportunity that can further inspire a new and improved way of living your life!