There has been movement towards supporting women and their sexual health, and we are living for it! Throughout the course of history, the vagina has been repeatedly stigmatized and misunderstood by all genders. In the early years of the 20th century, it was common for women to wash out their vaginas daily due to misinformation given to them about their lady bits. It was also concluded, by Ancient Greeks, that any woman whose period came later than normal would experience her uterus migrating around the inside of her body. Of course, we now know these things to be untrue. We know that the vagina does not need to be washed out with vinegar, and science has proved that the uterus does not detach and migrate around the body. And, although these historical vagina myths seem humorous to us now, there are just as many outlandish myths about the vagina that people still believe today!

We are here to dispel these common myths about the vagina, and bring light to the amazing functions of this sexual organ. Anyone with female sexual organs deserve to feel secure and confident about their vaginas rather than the common sense of shame that is wrongfully spread by false myths. Here are three common vagina myths that, unfortunately, are still believed by all genders today!

The Vagina Can Become Loose
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This is a common myth that many men adamantly claim as a fact! Think about it. Does a woman’s vagina become loose when she sleeps with the same partner many times over the course of many years? No. So, why would a woman’s vagina become loose just because she chooses to have many different partners? The vagina is known for amazingly bouncing back from extreme trauma like childbirth. Believe us, it isn’t about to become permanently stretched out from a penis.
Painful Sex Means A Large Penis
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We’re sorry to break it to the male population but, painful sex, does not equal to a large and impressive penis. In many cases, painful sex is a clear indicator that the woman is not as turned on as she should be before having intercourse. A vagina is around 3-4 inches deep when turned off, and it can expand to be around 7-8 inches deep when turned on and ready for sex. Women should feel empowered to refrain from sex until they feel physically ready. Similarly, everyone 
involved could benefit from spending some time to get warmed up and adequately turned on before engaging in sex. 

The Vagina Needs Special Soap

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Many people are probably going to be surprised by this fact! Summer’s Eve, Vagisil, and Lola are just a few known brands who have made copious amounts of money based on the myth that the vagina needs a special type of soap to keep it clean. In fact, the vagina is self-cleaning and does not require much more than water to keep it cleansed and happy. Many of the brands advertising to be good for vaginas are actually known to cause irritation.
While myths surrounding the vagina and vaginal health may seem harmless, they can actually lead to unhealthy beliefs and practices. It is important for everyone to understand the science behind how the vagina works to ensure women are set up for success in taking care of their vagina. In addition, dispelling vagina myths is essential to women’s sexual pleasure and self-confidence!